new tops motorcycle modification

It is not possible to travel long distances on a motorcycle without making some modifications to the motorcycle. These are necessary for safety as well as comfort and improved storage capacity
Fit a luggage rack behind the saddle, above the tail light. Make sure it is strong enough to support camping gear. Some racks have provision for panniers which attach to either side of the motorcycle. Panniers can hold quite heavy loads
They are ideal for storing clothing and food as they are water resistant - some are fully water-tight. When fitting panniers you may need to reposition the turning indicator lights. Make sure the fitting kit contains the correct brackets for this motorcycle
A tank bag attached to the top of the fuel tank is handy for personal items which need to be taken with you when the bike is left unattended. The bag clips to a fame which fits over the tank. Some tank bags have a clear section at the top to put maps under for easy reference
A fairing reduces buffeting. In hot weather only a top fairing is required. In cold weather a fairing which also covers the legs is desirable. A bike without a fairing should be limited to short or slow-speed journeys

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