Big Motorcycles Modification

Customizing a motorcycle dates back in an era when American soldiers came back from World War ll. They remembered the lighter and stylish European motorcycles that they had ridden in Europe. These riders that served overseas thought of incorporating the style of the motorcycles in Europe and blended it with and improved the bikes that were made locally
So they began to get together and started removing or shortening the fenders or any motorcycle parts they felt was unnecessary. They chopped off or added detachable windshields, front fenders, crash bars, seats,headlights or anything that they can think of. Large footrests were replaced with forward-mounted foot pegs
To allow for an increase in the wheelbase, the angle of the fork to the ground was decreased by raking the front end of their motorcycles. They also raised the handlebars and thus the ape hangers were born. The rear tire was made fatter and front tire made smaller. Each rider created the bike as an extension of his personality. If the rider loves speed, then he may want to consider getting the engine rebuilt for added horsepower
Maybe he is the type who likes to cruise along the major thoroughfares at boulevard speed. He may want to enjoy the asphalt all to himself, soaking in the moving sights, sounds and smells of the scenery, yet at the same time want to look good on his cruiser and does not feel the need to try hard. Then he may want to accessorize his motorcycle with studded leather saddlebags and backrest or add chrome
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