Yamaha Motocross YZ250F

2005 was a abundant year for the YZ250F notching chic ceremoniousness in the Dirt Bike, Motocross Action and Cycle News shootouts. So what about the new 2006 ?? Let's alpha with a new lighter aluminum anatomy and absolutely revised advanced and rear suspension. Then we bigger accumulation absorption for alike bigger administration and lighter feel. Finally we outfitted the new 2006 YZ250F in an all new anatomy architecture and topped it off with new Pro Taper handlebars.

Yamaha Sportbike YZF-R1 LE 2006

At Yamaha, there’s more to building a race replica than a few stickers. Introducing the exclusive limited-edition 2006 R1 LE—complete with back torque-limiting slipper clutch, Marchesini wheels, adjustable rear suspension link and Öhlins suspension developed specifically for this model—all that on top of the standard R1’s `06 upgrades. The R1 LE features Yamaha 50th Anniversary Yellow/Black paint with special trim and badging.

2006 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

It’s brash. It’s bold. It’s acutely American. The Victory Vegas 8-Ball is the actual apotheosis of alarming acceptable looks. Blacked out from breach appendage catchbasin to angle sliders to amateur clamps. A adverse sea of black. Blacked-out engine, blacked-out swingarm, blacked-out belt guard. It may booty a additional glance to apprehend the 8-Ball is a absolute descendent of the Vegas. But afresh it’s account a additional glance. And a third. With a five-speed, 100 cubic inch, four-valves-per-cylinder, aerial cam Freedom V-Twin, you’ll acquisition its achievement as solid as its powder-coated components. And if you anticipate you’ll pay a premium, anticipate again. You’re attractive at a bike whose face amount far exceeds its cost. Whose all-embracing artful is rivaled alone by its ride prowess. Whose bald attendance commands your attention.

Scooter KYMCO Grandvista 250

The Grandvista is KYMCO's admirable eyes of how able-bodied appointed a touring scooter should be. The 249cc, SOHC liquid-cooled agent has affluence of power, which is delivered calmly through the CVT transmission's stepless acceleration. With an chip fairing, ample aerodynamic windscreen, beefy bench with backrest, and abounding chart the Grandvista provides a complete road-ready touring package.

2006 KYMCO Scooter Xciting 250

New for 2006 the Xciting 250 follows in the footsteps of our flagship, the Xciting 500. Sharing the same list of standard features, the Xciting 250 offers all the cruising luxury but in a lighter, more nimble package. The 15" front and 14" rear tires, adjustable hydraulic rear shocks and telescopic front forks smooth out the bumps. A well-padded driver's seat with adjustable backrest, 4 postion adjustable brake levers, aerodynamic windscreen offering excellent protection from the elements all add up to a incredibly comfortable and safe ride.

Yamaha Mio White Style

Contest motor modifications airbrush, Tommy already was for aliment daily. Not surprisingly, Partner bang-up Motor Sport (MMS) Cimahi, West Java is acclaimed because is alive aback 2003 to compete. And it is common displays of the different and not a FOLLOWER.
Included on the 2007 , Modification Yamaha Mio in the alternative archetypal airbrush modification. "Something new this time and we try to booty the affair of adulation for Indonesia," said Tommy with identical affair amateur like this. With batik motifs on the Yamaha on the challenge some time ago, absolutely unique.
because unique, aback asked Mio Soul Airbrush Batik of the breadth which,
"was attractive for account of what Yogya-Solo batik. The important aftereffect of batik self". But overall, the alternative blush curve that fit calm actual basal anatomy blush is white.
Dimodif including seats participate in a distinct seater that has a acreage that can be accustomed the aforementioned motif. So, the Mio absolutely absolute batik concept.
Besides been a saddle, as able-bodied as body. Step begins with the awning all the accepted Mio Soul modification. "Body Soul afore continued with fiber," says Tommy. How, affix a accepted artificial anatomy with fiber. "Be added arresting because of a apparent accept a connection. It additionally seemed to clean," he added.
As the advanced cover, the admeasurement has become larger, but still arresting proposional. For rim, Tommy implementing a custom archetypal of the car. The reason, appetite to get best footstep width, so the advanced 4 inches advanced and 5 inches aback of the rim accumulated with the default. "Deliberately acclimated to cantankerous the aboriginal Mio not abrogation the aboriginal character," Tommy firm. (Nurfil)
DATA Modifications Yamaha Mio :
Tire front: FDR 120/70-14
Rear tire: FDR 140/80-14
Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Pelek back: Custom 5x14 inches
Sock front: G @ zi
Sock background: TF
Headlamp: Mio Soul
Handlebar: Fatbar
Exhaust: Custom

Balck Modification Jupiter-Z

This Black Modification From Jupiter-Z Motor. Automotive Motor Modification club Jambi (AM2J) kicked off the world-mannered City modifications. After 'playing' with tachometer, this time auspiciously Rasidin D Havis accommodate kaburator on his motorcycle.
At the top of the machine, Havis install on 8 caburator RX King on the larboard and the added 8 caburator on the right. While in the average of it, he put the tube and the car kaburator deer.
Not alone that, at the arch of the motor, Havis still cutting 3 pieces takometer. "Part 3 takometer arch there," he explained.
Although added genitalia appear dimodif, Havis seems clumsy to escape the 'shadow' AM2J characteristics. 'Playing' with takometer. "I managed by the Chairman," he alleged Faiz.
Motor Jupiter Z Havis aftereffect of this modification, it won the championship 2, Series Yamaha chic in the accident aftermost week. According Havis, achievement was still because diragukannya he put into the amiss class. "One of the jurors to put my own in the classroom is not air brush," he said briefly.
And indeed, Havis's motor is additionally acclimated air besom painting techniques. With themed patterns realist, the blush orange, he succeeded in creating a ablaze atmosphere on Jupiter Z hers.
In addition, Havis-abiding pengedara including cartage regulations. Proved, in allotment stangnya, he install on a brace of mirror. "This from the lamp Spion bike camel," he said, laughing.
While on the tires, he added, application accepted Havis motors added flat. It's aloof for the advanced tire, he acclimatized the latest techniques and began to caster the present trends, hubles auto (alloy after the fingers).
To access the anatomy as now, was affected to absorb Havis admired at about USD 3 million. And modification action takes alone 3 days! Regarding this, the acumen why Havis suggests that the action could bound adapt his motorcycle.
see: http://modofikasimotor.blogspot.com/
"We were accustomed a anniversary to challenge aftermost modif time. Become affected to booty it to Palembang in adjustment to modif quickly, "said Havis said, advertence the name of the branch in Palembang.

1987 Yamaha FZX 750 - Motorcycle Touring

1987 Yamaha FZX 750 - Motorcycle Touring. Yamaha FZX 750 Wallpaper, Yamaha FZX 750Posters, Yamaha FZX 750 Pictures.

Suzuki Thunder 250 Modification

Suzuki Thunder 250 Modification - Custom Suzuki Thunder. Motorcycle Touring

All motor design modifications here. Like yamaha R6, Yamaha Vixion, yamaha scorpio, yamaha FZ, yamaha R1, yamaha mio, suzuki thunder, suzuki satria, honda tiger, honda CBR etc.

Motorcycle head lamp variations

Thunder 250 specification modifications are:

KALIPER front: Brembo 4 piston Brembo master
KALIPER back: Nissin 2 piston Nissin brake master
Front disc: 300 mm
Cakarm back: 240 mm
Sok fronts: GSXR400 Showa
Sok back: Showa
Swing-arm: Pro-arm VFR 400
Footstep: Copy of the Honda CBR400
Front rim: Enkei 3:50 x17
Front tires: Pireli 120/60-17
Rear rim: Enkei 4:50 x18
Rear tires: Pireli 160/60-17
Handlebar: Kawasaki Ninja, Yamaha FZR Raiser
Closed tank: Kawak Ninja
Deltaboks: Fiberglass
Fairing: Acerbis
Speedometer: Suzuki Bandit
Headlights: Acerbis
Windshield: Acerbis
Body rear: JMS Design
Stirrup back: Suzuki Thunder
Taillights: Honda CBR150
Hood: JMS Design

Modification of the single arm Suzuki Thunder

Modification Suzuki Thunder Like Aprilia RS 125

Modification Suzuki Thunder Like Aprilia RS 125

Suzuki Thunder 125cc lansiran 2004 this was already out of shape as the original form. With the use of waste legs APRILIA RS 125 can change the look of the original Thundie suzie be the alias of the feminine to masculine. According to the owner, thunder weakness in the sector has a very visible foot small or virtually all forms that are not proportional, "was plump bony legs".

The choices are the feet of APRILIA RS125. besides the form of a futuristic and very luxurious look, this usage there is also another reason that is "light". Due to the foot of this cesspool was using aluminum alloy materials as base materials. Unlike the feet of local production of the majority still use the iron as a material. This usage does not automatically make the Thunder, which caused has only a relatively small cc. This result could thunder run there here, chatter is now a part of the family in Jakarta Thunder Motor Club (JTMC).

Use of any tire that is already fairly large 140 x 70 x17 "to measure the back with a bandage made in the name of Dunlop Arrowmax sakura country. Meanwhile, the front tires wrapped wheel size 110 x 80 x 17 ". But the use of feet is pretty big. A little help with the replacement of the Pilot & mainjet racing and a racing clutch and canvas with RMG brand, this change is felt by rider enough, which is also supported by the front brakes are already adjustable

While self-telescopic front has not been changed again, but with upside down Aprilia too. With the front discs have not been on the left again but moving on the right. Trus the question arises, how to read the speedometer thunder, if the disc had changed places, the automatic location of teeth follow-up nanasnya changed?. For this case the owner had to replace the reader system speed (speedometer) with digital rather than analog or needle system. By changing the digital speedometer which happened to use Speedo from Suzuki Satria F 150, also changed the location of reading. Not anymore with pineapple teeth in the front wheel speed sensor but placed in the front gear. This bike looks so futuristic and sophisticated added.

Meanwhile, in terms of clothing, this thundie not too many changes, only the headlamp which has been replaced with a headlamp also satria F150, Aprilia spakboard Diablo, airscope tiger and custom fiber airscope engines, and equally important is mounted behind breket order to carry while touring. Breket installation also has a reason, in addition to covering the peculiarities of the hind legs longer than the body and also supports the concept of a themed motorcycle Street and touring fighter, which aims to come on the streets and taken in as well touring monggo invited.

This manufacturing process takes about 2 months and ate a pretty good budget but was carried off her satisfaction with the success of this bike as a motorcycle on display at the Suzuki stand at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). Want to see the look of this RS125 Suzuki Thunder on stage

Jupiter-Z with Simple Modification

Modifications at this time, I will provide pictures and tips to modify a cheap price. Jupiter-z modification is simply to add and reduce some elements of the body. I accidentally took off the lid Shockbreaker make it look more cool and stylist. Next add a few accessories Shockbreaker setiker at the front and also add in the back, which trampak the picture.

In order for the motor we can look attractive when the streets, I intentionally put sticker in veleg rear and front wheels, which displays beautiful impression when the wheels rotate in the streets. maybe it was just tips I can give.
This Modification Source from my own motor, if you have a cool motor, you can send many photos to me.
contact me at My Facebook

Modification Honda CBF 125

There is info, that honda AHM will barrage new products, motor action with 125 CC engine. In India, this artefact has been launched with the name of CBF Stunner and awash with the amount of about Rp 10,750,000 .-.
CBF 125 application the bang technology, after kick-starter. Honda affirmation CBF 125 cc agent able of workers adios 11HP and Torque 11 NM.
Is it true? This artefact will be there absolutely was launched by AHM?

Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio Z japanese Style

Motor Yamaha Scorpio Z japanese Style
Yamaha Scorpio Z Japanese Style Modification bike.

Fairing Modifications in Kawasaki Ninja 250R

What your feel is after look this bike? I certain that you think this bike is modify in air brush style, isn’t it? You’re wrong guys.

Look more this Kawasaki Ninja 250R! The fairing is looking cool like air brush style. There are many colours in the motorcycle. They are from sticker which modify like an air brush style. So it looks like air brush. Look this Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

This bike is use many colours which combined become cool air brush. They are gold, silver, orange and violet. They set with use line style. This bike is copy like motoGP bike. This bike is looking cooler when another part is modified too. The rims are changed by orange racing rims that combine by cool disc brake. The muffler must be modifying with racing muffler. It can produce sound loudly.

Retro and Classic Style Modify Honda C70

The Archetypal Bike is altered motorcycle. This Bike is from Honda C70 which modifies in Awakening style. There are abounding accessories in this bike. The anatomy is repainted in gold color. It uses from Danagloss.

The agent is uses aboriginal but the carburetor is uses from Honda Grand. The anatomy is not covered. It let opened to appearance air-conditioned color. It can appearance that this bike is archetypal bike. The seats is modifies in custom seats.

The tires are looks air-conditioned and classic. They use from DID 140-17 which accumulated by tires from Hung Hwa admeasurement 225x17 and 250x17. There are air-conditioned genitalia in the rims. What is it? It is bar. Attending the rims! There are 72 confined in the rims which sets air-conditioned and beautiful. It is acceptable rims, isn’t it?

The awakening appearance can attending in the handle bar. The headlamp is modifies to attending classic. The bottle is uses annular shape. So it can appearance different.

Now the Honda C70 is looks air-conditioned in Awakening style. Do you appetite to ride this Honda C70?

1999 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Modification

Harley Davidson
1999 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Modification: Harley Davidson Custom

Harley Davidson custom specifications:
Chrome engine
Blue paint and white
Harley Davidson main display is clean and shiny

New Motor Honda Vario Techno|Spesifikasi

New Honda Vario TechnoNew Motor Honda Vario Techno

New Honda Vario Techno
Spesifikasi New Honda Vario Techno


4 steps, SOHC with liquid cooling

Bore x Stroke 50 x 55 mm


COMPARISON compression 10.7: 1

MAXIMUM POWER 8.99 PS / 8000 rpm

MAXIMUM TORQUE 0.86 kgf.m / 6500 rpm

Clutch Automatic, centrifugal, dry type

STARTER Pedal and electric



CAPACITY TANGKI 3.6 liters of fuel

Lubricant CAPACITY 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement

New Honda Vario Techno

TRANSMISSION & Electricity

TRANSMISSION Automatic, V-Matic

Electricity 12 V - 3 Ah (type MF)

Capacitor discharge DC - CDI, Battery


LENGTH X WIDTH X HEIGHT 680 x 1.904 x 1.090 mm







SUSPENSION TYPE BACK Swinging arm with single Shockbreaker

FRONT TIRE SIZE 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P

TIRE SIZE BACK 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P

FRONT BRAKE Hydraulic disc with single piston


Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150

Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150
Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150 Specifications

* Engine: Four-stroke, SOHC, two-valve single
* Displacement: 144cc
* Bore x stroke: 58.0 x 54.4mm
* Compression ratio: 9.5:1
* Cooling: Water

Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150
Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150 Front Tires

Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150
Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki KLX 150 Rear tires

* Carburetion: Keihin PB20
* Ignition: CDI
* Transmission: Five-speed with wet multi-disc manual clutch
* Final drive: Chain
* Frame: High-Tensile steel, box-section perimeter
* Rake / trail: 27 degrees / 3.3 in.
* Front suspension / wheel travel: 33mm telescopic fork / 7.1 in.
* Rear suspension / wheel travel: UNI-Track ® linkage system and single shock with 5-way preload adjustability / 7.1 in.
* Front tire: 70/100-17
* Rear tire: 90/100-14
* Front brake / rear brake: Single 220mm Petal Disc with a dual-piston caliper / Single 186mm Petal Disc with single-piston caliper
* Overall length: 71.7 in.
* Overall width: 31.1 in.
* Overall height: 41.3 in.
* Ground clearance: 9.3 in.
* Seat height: 30.7 in.
* Curb weight: 205.0 lbs.
* Wheelbase: 49.6 in.

Modification Motor Like Bee

Modification Motor Like Bee very nice modif Motor



This is part of the circuit or ignition scheme Yamaha vega R Picture.


MODIFICATION SUZUKI THUNDER Motorsport - Custom Suzuki Thunder

Specification data modification:

  • Muffler / Exhaust (Custom double undertrail)
  • Air Filter (OEM)
  • Plugs (NGK Irridium)
  • Cable plugs (OEM)
  • CDI (OEM)
  • Color "Blue Pearl" by Pernis + (Sikkens)
  • Cutting Sticker Custom white color (Suzuki GSX1000)
  • Rear Hugger (Custom)
  • Seat "Single Seat Black Color" (Custom)
  • Front fairing (Yamaha R6 Custom Replica)
Legs (leg-foot)
  • Custom Arm 5mm Galvanized Plate
  • Front Whell (OEM 17 "x 2.15) Silver
  • Rear Whell (OEM 17 "x 2:35) Silver
  • Front Tire (Bridgestone Battlax ) 120/60/17
  • Rear Tire (Bridgestone Battlax ) 150/60/17
  • Front Shock breaker (OEM)
  • Rear Shock breaker (Satria Suzuki 125cc 2-Not Monoshock version)
  • Per Rear (Suzuki Satria 125cc 2-Not Monoshock version)
  • Brake Master (Brembo)
  • Front Disc Plate (Brembo)
  • Informer (Custom)
  • Brake Handle (with chrome Custom)
  • Tachometer Speedometer (Custom)
  • Front Lamp (Custom Replica Suzuki GSX1000)
  • Rear Lamp (Custom)
  • HID xenon lamp "Front" yellow color

Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Street fighter

Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000
Modifikasi Honda Tiger 2000 Street fighter

Modification Honda Tiger 2000, using the 125cc aprilia waste in 1995, starting from the front wheels 2.5 "x17" clad ma metzeler 120/60 tires, rear wheel trus 4.5 "x17" clad in 160/70 Dunlop tires.

Kawasaki Streetbikes ZZR600-2006

The ZZR600 is powered by a 599cc, liquid-cooled, inline, four-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. Kawasaki’s Twin Ram Air Induction system, which features a leading-edge air scoop at the front of the bike’s fairing, forces cool air into the ZZR600’s airbox and then onto its four 36mm carburetors. The carburetors also feature the Kawasaki Throttle Responsive Ignition Control (K-TRIC), which monitors the throttle position and adjusts ignition timing for the engine’s four spark-plug mounted ignition coils, maximizing the ZZR’s performance at every rpm.

Honda Sportbike Interceptor ABS 2006

The enduring Interceptor boasts a host of changes for 2006, including a revamped VTEC system and a plethora of styling upgrades.


For the RC8, we brought our riders to the design table as well as the best technicians and designers. Our aim: The ultimate weapon for ambitious street-fighters.

That means: A radical concentration of its mass around the compact 75° V2. Innovative details are everywhere: The seat is the tank, keeping fuel at the machine's centre of gravity. Dry sump lubrication allows the entire exhaust system to sit precisely where it has the least influence on dynamics. Directly under the engine

Features Daytona Hubless Monster

Features Daytona Hubless Monster - Modifications such as Harley Davidson flat

Recommended motorcycles:

Mike started the year out all the stops with the creation of The Motorcycle Monster Hubless. Many secret conversations led to the creation largest Motorcycle Tire World, The 360x18 by Vee Rubber. Not stopping there, a 23 "diameter tires were also developed. Production molds start and Mike started with the construction using plywood and steel" model "of what the tires will look like. 360 new tire is so wide and with a limited production time ( 2 Month) that he decided to use a friction drive technology from Ferris Wheel Carnival, plus the drive systems must be concealed. Bike will include at least the amount of sheet metal that was used in bicycle Amen. Mike decided to take the pictures for The Hubless Wheels that have been 8 years, and build a REAL Bike Hubless. The "Sheet Metal" produces a box fabricated structural steel panels used to mount the wheel and drive systems. Bicycles are very Revolutionary and Historic that follows is a detailed list of achievements.

Touring Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide

A stylishly stripped-down dresser, the Street Glide appearance bargain rear suspension, a smoked mini -wind deflector, and Tri-line LED lighting at the basal of the rear fender for a low, angular profile. A acceptable “bat wing” allowance holds a 40-watt Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon. A stretched, chrome ammunition catchbasin animate and Streamliner footboards, anchor pedal and commuter pegs accomplishment the custom treatment. Newly restyled Black Slotted Disc casting aluminum auto are absolute to the Street Glide. A new low-mount authorization bracket locates the bowl beneath the appendage lamp, with new LED illumination.

Harley-Davidson FXD Dyna Super Glide

The Harley-Davidson Dyna family has its roots in the factory-custom revolution of the 1970s. These five motorcycles pair Big Twin performance with an extended FX front end. Dyna has always had a reputation for great handling, with loads of attitude that appeals to riders with a strong inclination for independent thinkin
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