CRS DUU Motorcycles Concept

CRS DUU Motorcycles Concept Those of you who had the abdomen to sit through Terminator Salvation with your eyes accessible will bethink the mototerminators that launched themselves from the legs of the behemothic collectors. Those were absolutely based on Ducatis, but if you absurd the attending of them, again Italian bike architect CR&S has article appealing close.

Called the DUU Concept, the naked ride is a aggregate of "a adventurous European rolling anatomy powered by a able-bodied American big-twin." The agent is a 1.9-liter (117 cu. in.) X-Wedge supplied by S&S. Wrapped about that powerplant is a anatomy that CR&S says can be tailored by the chump – although they don't announce how above presenting the best of distinct or two-seater versions.

But back anniversary DUU will be fabricated by hand, one-at-a-time, we brainstorm they'll be blessed to do annihilation your wallet will allow. The DUU Concept is actuality apparent November 10 at the Milan International Bike Show. CR&S said it has affairs to body them from abutting year, at €20,000 ($30,000 U.S.) apiece. Check it out in the arcade of high-res images below.

CRS DUU Motorcycles Concept
CRS DUU Motorcycles Concept «DUU» on the Milan dialect means “two” and characterizes the complete set of 2-liter 2-cylinder engine, as well as the connection may be one of two “cultures” moto structure. Conceived live you will see very soon on the EICMA 2009 passing from 10 to 15 November.

Speaking about the cultures of moto-structure of compounds in this motorcycle, implying the existence of a European sports chassis and a large, traditionally-unit type of the American V-Twin. The engine will have a capacity 1.926ss, but data on the power and weight of the motorcycle is not yet known. Design DUU swift and aggressive, though, unwittingly, an association with Ducati Streetfighter, if that was designed Harley-Davidson, with the use of design elements from musclebike Yamaha VMax and MT-01.

The company CR&S plans to begin selling «Duu» in Europe by 2011 at a price which starts from 20 000 Euro (29 500). Each year, will be made by hand, only a few motorcycles.
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Picture Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

Picture Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
Picture Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
Picture Kawasaki Ninja ZX6RPicture Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
Hats off to the Kawasaki Ninja® ZX™-6R then, winner of 600cc comparison tests in just about every publication and website of note on the planet. With an engine the critics agree feels bigger than 599cc, and a chassis that out handles all others, the ZX-6R returns as the bike to beat in 2010.

With a fine-tuned chassis including a class-exclusive Big Piston Fork and fully adjustable shock out back, razor-sharp handling sets the ZX-6R apart. To optimize front-rear rigidity balance, frame stiffness around the swingarm pivot and the rear engine mounts is carefully tuned, with the compact engine rotated forward around the output shaft for a steep cylinder bank angle and optimal center of gravity. An exhaust layout with a short side muffler keeps the weight low, and an exhaust pre-chamber further contributes to the ZX-6R’s mass centralization.

But Kawasaki didn’t just declared themselves satisfied with that, it needed to bring that power and torque to the rider’s right hand without this involving jerks, only smooth and instant throttle response and control. In order to achieve that, engineers added cylindrical guides to the top of the air cleaner box, bringing chirurgical precision to air intake systems and getting the maximum bang from every fuel load going into the cylinders. The throttle bodies were lengthened, increasing distance between oval sub-throttle and round main throttles 10mm, resulting in a much smoother transition, reducing inlet turbulence and increasing efficiency. Also, the cylinder porting and ignition coils were revised in the quest for performance.

As weight is a key factor, the making of this inline-four involved finding solutions for reducing it. And if that meant making the camshafts from SCM, revising the top injector mounting plate, narrowing the transmission gears, revising and relocating coolant reservoir and heat pads, Kawasaki engineers didn’t boggle in doing it.

Design Ducati 1198S Corse Special Edition

Design Ducati 1198S Corse Special EditionDucati 1198S Corse Special Edition
Design Ducati 1198S Corse Special EditionThe 1198 S Corse Special Edition sports a bold red, white and black colour scheme to mark the historic introduction of a new Ducati Corse logo and celebrate the winning of both the World Superbike and Superstock Manufacturers’ titles. The Special Edition ‘S’ features a factory team-style aluminium fuel tank and race kit as well as world-beating Ducati Traction Control.

At 168kg (370.3lb) (dry weight) the Special Edition model weighs in at 1kg (2.2lb) less than the 1198 S thanks to the beautifully made lightweight fuel tank, which also boosts the bike’s fuel capacity by 2.5 litres (0.66 US gal) to 18 litres (4.75 US gal). The tank is formed in 2mm thick aluminium, brush finished and clear-coated to maintain a factory race tank feel and proudly displays the new Ducati Corse logo on top.

Design Ducati 1198S Corse Special EditionThe 1198 R Corse comes in the red, white and black Corse Special Edition livery bodywork with the new aluminium fuel tank clear-coated for all to see. The Trellis frame is also in red with the front and rear 7-spoke Marchesini wheels finished in black. The front fender and side panels are left in a contrasting natural carbon fibre finish while the belly-pan is painted, but reveals its carbon fibre material inside the aerodynamic recess for the side-stand. A subtle ‘1198 R Corse Special Edition’ graphic on the tail fairing leaves no doubt as to what this magnificent bike is.

This top-of-the-range model is supplied with a race kit that includes a full racing exhaust system with 102dB carbon fibre mufflers by Termignoni and dedicated ECU which raises power output to approximately 186hp (intended strictly for track use only). Also in the kit is a unique Ducati Corse branded bike cover designed by Aldo Drudi and rear paddock stand as well as an official cased plaque of authentication that confirms the collectable value of this exclusive motorcycle.

New Yamaha Star Stryker Chopper Style

New Yamaha Star Stryker Chopper Style
Intended to complement Star’s successful big-inch Raider motorcycle, the 2011 Star Stryker features the same aggressive custom attitude with a more manageable motor. The engine on the Stryker is a 1304cc liquid=cooled 60° V-twin, with a bore of 100mm and a stroke of 83mm. The four-valve heads have a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and use overhead cams.

The liners are ceramic composite housing forged pistons, and dual 40mm throttle bodies with 12-hold nozzles deliver the air-fuel mixture. The 2011 Star Stryker’s double cradle frame is steel with the dual-counterbalanced motor rigidly mounted as a stressed member. The seat height is 26.4″ for a sit-in motorcycle riding position. The 6° steering yoke giving the forks a distinctive 40° rake, and the weight bias is 45% front and 55% rear. The Stryker has 41mm forks and a well-hidden linkage-assisted single rear shock.

Cast aluminum five-spoke wheels are used on the Stryker, with a 210 rear on an 18″ rim, and a 21″ front with a 120 mounted. The wheels are also the same dimensions as the custom-look Raider motorcycle. A single 320mm front disc is used up front, in addition to a 310mm rear brake. A belt-drive is used to transmit power from the five-speed transmission. Over 60 motorcycle accessories will be available from Star for the Stryker, including windshields, leather saddlebags, additional lighting, custom wheels, backrests, chrome and guards. Steel fenders are stock to facilitate customizers. MSRP for the 2011 Star Stryker motorcycle begins at $10,990, and the three available colors are Raven, Impact Blue and Reddish Copper.

Best Honda Motorcycle Modification

Creative Modifi Yamaha Vixion Sport

Creative Modifi Yamaha Vixion Sport
Motor sport bike and streetfighter naked homage often shunned petite biker. The reason is a big power, handling will be difficult to control, as well as between the biker and motorcycle display will jomplang....

Style Yamaha R1 Modification

Modification Honda CBR 600 Motor Full Specification Airbrus Honda CBR 600 Motor Full Specification Airbrus
Specifications honda cbr 600 motor sport:
Velg front of the original honda cbr 600
Velg back original honda cbr 600
Body motor honda cbr 600 native cat in the blue and white bubble
Original swing arm honda cbr 600
Racing exhaust
Upside down genuine honda cbr 600
Fairing honda cbr 600
Front tire size 110/70 federal
Rear tire size 140/70 federal
Airbrus white cat blue bubble

Classic Motorcycles - The Suzuki GSX1100E Motorcycles - The Suzuki GSX1100E
After the "power is everything" attitude of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers in the late 60s and 1970s, the 1980s saw potential legislation and handling concerns as issues that needed to be addressed. As far as legislation was concerned, manufacturers were beginning to realise that some bikes could be legislated off the roads, particularly when you consider the previously unheard of power-to-weight ratios available to people of just 17 years of age with little road experience.

This had already prompted Germany to introduce a 100bhp limit on bikes imported into the country which had already had Honda decreasing the bhp of its CBX1000 to 95 from 105bhp. As far as handling was concerned, the big new Suzuki was a step up from the plethora of 1000cc machines. Despite the fact that the frame of the GSX1100E was pretty conventional, with a tubular steel duplex frame and twin rear shock absorbers, it was the engine that gave it its edge.

Yamaha FZ6 Modifications to Consider FZ6 Modifications to Consider
my series about the different modifications that are available for the Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle. It seems like every time I turn around I find something new that can be done to my FZ6. In Part 1 of this series I discussed the aftermarket possibilities of upgraded exhaust, windscreens, and seats. In Part 2 I will give an overview of the options available for new grips, levers, and rear sets. In contrast to a powertrain modification, these are mostly aesthetic and comfort rather than performance enhancements. Let's get to it.

Motorcycle Stunt Modifications Stunt Modifications
As motorcycle stunts and tricks have become a popular part of motorcycle culture, some riders have taken to modifying their vehicles to improve their capabilities. These additional parts do not necessarily change the everyday operation of the bike, but can be warning signs of amateur stunt riders. However, if these parts are not installed correctly, they could prove dangerous to everyone on the road.

Among the most popular tricks that many riders may try are the wheelie, the stoppie, and the burnout. These three tricks can then branch out from the basic maneuvers into more extreme, often more dangerous variants done for even greater showmanship and difficulty.

For an example of how motorcycle part modifications evolve, consider a peculiar variant of the wheelie known as the 12 O'Clock, which features the rider propping the bike at an extremely sharp angle. For additional tricks on handle bars, extending the length of a 12 O'Clock is necessary. This in turn leads to increased stunt modifications known as 12 O'Clock bars or, more simply, 12 bars.

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Dragster

Hendry Abah's quite a daring courage just to satisfy her wild ideas. Imagine, people from Pontianak, West Borneo was to Yamaha Mio 2006 contrived so drag style motorcycle. In fact, the gene that Yamaha Scooter, means only the following engine CVT was in use.
"We did have the intention to make an extreme change. Therefore, all the search form is not yet available, especially in Pontianak," said Abah. Perhaps it as the breakthrough idea.

Vario-Style ATV

2010 Triumph Speed Triple

Super Streetbike helps you research the new 2010 Triumph Speed Triple  before buying this Standard bike. We have all the information you need including the manufacturer suggested retail price, which starts from $11,299 MSRP that will give you the negotiating edge when visiting the dealership. The 2010 Speed Triple is made in England. With front Dual Hydraulic Disc brakes that will securely stop this Speed Triple motorcycle on demand. It comes standard with a 1050 cc Horizontal In-line engine, and a 6 speed transmission. Compare the Triumph Speed Triple prices, pictures, OEM accessories, MPG, and complete specifications of the engine, suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, transmission, seats, bags, and more to other submodels.

Honda Zodia Best Motorcycle Design

Future years brought changes of colors but no technical upgrades or redesigned elements could be found on Honda’s 1300cc cruiser. In order for the bike to be upgraded, the VTX series would have to follow its footsteps but we all know that Honda won’t start with the VTX1300 as a bigger machine waits to give the tone. Although similar to the 1800, the engine is not just a smaller bore/stroke but a different design. This lead to great sales numbers and the motor company was satisfied with the results of its new cruiser.This gives us a good expectative and a clear clue of when this machine will be redesigned.The VTX 1300 was introduced with a muscular looking body, being quite long and low to the ground featuring significant rake and trail. It presented unliked brakes, with a single large front disk. The VTX1300 also uses a carburetor unlike the fuel injected VTX1800, and therefore is much simpler in terms of design.


The presence or familiarly called Xeon Yamaha Yamaha Mio 125 cc in Indonesia has been increasingly felt.

Even a special site about 125 cc Yamaha Xeon already appeared on the official site of Yamaha.

And what about this Xeon motor specs? Well, this time to give clarity specifications detikOto scooter Yamaha Mio Yamaha Mio 125 cc or 125 cc.

As quoted from the official site of Yamaha, Wednesday (04/28/2010) Yamaha 125 Xeon adopt cooled liquid that serves to control the temperature so the temperature at Yamaha claimed the engine remains stable.

Yamaha Xeon compression pressure is higher and more maximum power. But not explained whether the compression is higher than its competitors or scooter variants lower class below him.

For that detikOto try to compare with the Yamaha Mio Soul. As a comparison, 113.7 cc Yamaha Mio Soul, or variants of Yamaha's scooter highest current compression is 8.8: 1 with a maximum of 8.9 ps energy in 8000
rpm. While torque is 7.84 Nm at 7000 rpm. But if Yamaha claims 125 cc Yamaha Xeon higher, means it can be imagined how much compression Xeon Yamaha 125 cc.

In addition Xeon Yamaha 125 cc Cylinder DiASil also adopted a working quickly to keep the engine in order not to wear and machine condition remains stable.

Cylinder DiASil technology can also maintain long-lasting Forged Piston. Technology DiASil Forged Piston Cylinder and also immersed in Jupiter MX 135 cc.

Yamaha Throttle sensor pin on the Xeon 125 cc, so in addition to fuel economy, acceleration is also better because it fit with the opening of the carburetor, and RPMs.

While for the exhaust, 125 cc Yamaha Xeon contain elements of sportiness. Where pinned protective heat shock and the use of catalysts which function to reduce excessive exhaust emissions. Given that Yamaha claims 125 cc Xeon very friendly environment.

While the watchlist detikOto some time ago, the body size of 125 cc Yamaha Xeon is not far different from the big body of Suzuki SkyDrive almost the same alias. And for a fancy, Xeon also uses the cover of dusk light handlebar.

Add curious huh? Patiently waiting on the game later on Friday, April 30, 2010.

Modif Honda Megapro Bergaya Ducati 848

Modif Honda Megapro Bergaya Ducati 848 Modif Honda Megapro Bergaya Ducati 848

Modif Honda Megapro Bergaya Ducati 848 Modif Honda Megapro Bergaya Ducati 848

Both builder, Fery Saifuloh and Wardoyo, from the workshop G2C in Cinere, Depok, showing the work of the Honda Mega Pro 2006. They are without a total overhaul of waste moge, relying only local goods. Most important, they said, the motor must remain visible ciamik.

Change their concept of the motor home Yogyakarta Riandaru This refers to the new Ducati 848. "It happens koorporatif motorcycle owners, so long as the workmanship, walking according to the concept," commented Wardoyo.

Well, for the local component can be added, manoeuvered by changing the frame and body are made slim. That is, the dimensions of the motor is still maintained. For example, axle distance, though it was equipped with swing arm (swing arm) custom, still the same as the standard.

So that looks extreme, plus the framework of the tubular chassis. This new bone stuck in the middle of steering and chassis. "The model is made much like Ducati 848, but the dimensions not greatness," continued Wardoyo.

The existence of an additional order to influence the design of the tank. Not deliberately large in order not to oversize the choice of legs. Like sokbreker picked ahead of Yamaha V-Ixion who was bigger than the standard. According Hery, suitable for sports with the concept of change fairing 3 / 4.

In addition to the middle frame, the stern also refers to the Ducati 848. Including design made undertail exhaust, the form of two cones silincer body as the rear flank.
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